5 Unknown Elements About 'Vaanam'

Director Krish has been wielding his best of enthuses on drawing finer lines with 'Vaanam'. On an interesting note, we hear that all the five characters in the film are symbolized with 5 elements of Nature – Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Sky.
Silambarasan: (Sky) – He plays the role of a cable operator and resides in slum areas. But he dreams of flying to richness all the time. It seems that most of the shots for his portions will have more prominence of skies as backdrops.
Anushka (Water) – Though she plays the role of a sex-worker, her character justifies of carrying away the impurities of men and she cannot remain at one place.
Bharath (Air) – His main interests are music and own a rockband of his own. Music and airs always have strong connection. Most of the instruments he utilizes are wind-based instruments.
Prakash Raj (Fire) – A Muslim always drowned in troubles due to his infuriations and short-tempers.
Old Man (Earth) – This Old man considers earth as his body and again his problem revolves around the same factor.


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