Asin hogs on to Kerala dishes on her birthday

Yesterday we reported how Asin was waiting with bated breath to spent time with her friends and family on her birthday. Well, her wait was indeed worth it as she could relish all the special dishes that her mother had put together to make her day special.
"It was an out and out Kerala cuisine for me," says a happy sounding Asin who hails from Kerala but has been working in languages coming from varied parts of the country, "My parents know how much I long for home cooked food, more so because I have been travelling all around for such a long period."
She continues, "My friends too had come over from all places and we hogged on to some delicious Payasam that my mom had made. Other than there were so many other non-vegetarian delicacies that she had put in place as well. It was a full-on food party scene out there at my place with an all around authenticity in cuisine taking centre stage."
Tell her the excitement in her voice makes her sound like a teenage birthday girl and she says, "This day comes only once a year and I had to spend it in a best way possible. I made sure to make the most of it."


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