Boopathy Pandian upsets Vijay?
Director Director, who has been down and out for the past couple of years with literally no work on hand, faced one of the biggest upsets of life recently.  The director, who has directed Dhanush's 'Devadhaiyai Kandein' and 'Tiruvilaiyadal', had hit a rough patch of late and had been out-of-work for the past year or so.
Almost unexpectedly, Pandian got a chance to redeem his career in Director but he seems to have messed up that opportunity. Despite his string of failures, actor Vijay is still looked upon as a 'safe bet' by many producers and Pandian recently got a chance to narrate a story to Vijay who agreed to star in his next film.
Annamalai Creations, producers of films like 'Bambara Kannalae' and 'Koodal Nagar' and which was wriggling under a huge debt trap, had been approaching Vijay for the past few years to do a film for them.  Recently, Vijay told them to bring a 'good' and 'reputed' director to him who would have to narrate a nice script to him.
Pandian was paid an advance of Rs.10 lakhs and was taken to Vijay.  After narrating the story (not fully, though) and even as Vijay said he liked it, Boopathy spilled the beans inadvertently by saying that he had only half-the script ready and that the remaining would be ready soon.  Vijay, obviously upset, told him to come in the near future with a fully-prepared script.
This has left the producers seething with anger, of course!


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