Deepika eyes south

“I am eagerly awaiting a chance to act in south Indian movies. Being a south Indian myself, I always have an eye on them”, Bollywood bombshell Deepika Padukone has said.
“I am ready to act in a Tamil film if a right opportunity comes my way”, she says. Interestingly, Chennai is not new for Deepika and she happily recalled her modelling days in the city, when her favourite pastimes included hanging out with friends at the Besant Nagar beach.
“I have been here several times in connection with fashion shows and have happy memories about the city”, she said. Recalling one such moment, she cherished the time she spent at a textile shop in Chennai with her fellow models.
“I purchased a silk saree after a long process of selection that went on for hours. Since I was not so familiar in those days, no one recognised me and it was easy for me to move around”, she said.

Source: Indiaglitz


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