Endhiran: All smiles for distributors and theatre-owners

Now that it's almost three weeks since the much-awaited 'Enthiran: The Robot' starring superstar Rajnikanth in the lead hit the screens worldwide, it's time to take stock of what it has done to distributors and theatre-owners. The film, produced at a whopping Rs.180 crore, is said to have grossed more than Rs.300 crores all over the country.
Endhiran: All smiles for distributors and theatre owners
The film is still running to packed houses despite the fact that it was released in almost 40 cinema halls in Chennai city alone. It's highly doubtful if the film of any other actor would have sustained for three weeks in as many number of movie halls in Chennai and Tamil Nadu as a whole. This just goes to re-iterate the star status of Rajnikanth, something which is unparalleled in the annals of Rajnikanth.
Theatre-owners across the State affirm (on condition of anonymity, though!) that they are extremely happy to have taken up the film for release in their halls and confide that they have earned the 'minimum guarantee' amount in the first week of the film's release itself and say that whatever accrued and has been accruing after that only adds to their profit!
This forced the distributors not to take any films for release at least till the 22nd of this month. Last Friday, though, witnessed the release of a few movies including 'Ochchayee' and 'Thottupaar'. Other films which released with these two films have sunk into oblivion while 'Ochchayee' and 'Thottupaar' have been doing reasonably good business.
The distributors and theatre owners are, therefore, hoping that 'Enthiran' continues to do its good business even after Deepavali and continues to fill the coffers.

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