Enthiran: The 100 crore Robot!

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEjY9X0OZqtV8UfDpWfilddib6eIbfv-3-TF3scHOA6ckTcollrfigQeARt7I-TMhbye2k5si76IVY1DxPVSkalufANC8EBFC4NWmJtZhLU1s81nJ7B-ImI9latgAjUobM2bFetdYTfKpDc/s1600/rajini_enthiran_movie_wallpapers_02.jpgFinally, the Superstar of Kollywood is back on screen after three years with Shankar's Enthiran, a true treat for frenzied fans of action. And with this, Rajni is all set to create history in the Indian box office. According to sources, Enthiran (along with the Telugu and Hindi versions) has broken all records in India by earning a staggering Rs. 100 crore in its opening weekend, which includes the overseas collection. There are even reports that scalpers were selling tickets for a whopping Rs.5,000 in Chennai.

Enthiran seems to be the biggest Diwali gift for any Rajni fan; thousands of people have been lingering around cinema theatres every day to watch their super hero.


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