Enthiran creates record!


Finally, Rajinikanth's Enthiran graced theatres on Friday. And this robot is really different from his earlier avatars!

Enthiran seems to be the biggest Diwali gift for any Rajni fan; thousands of people have been lingering around cinema theatres today to catch the earliest possible show of their super hero. Many of these people are coming to watch the film for the second or third time already!

In fact, the celebrations began at 5 a.m. on Friday when many fans prayed and performed 'paal abisekham' on Rajni's posters. The fans also danced their way through theatres to celebrate the release of the film.

The latest buzz is that the film grossed Rs. 5 crores in its opening day in Tamil Nadu. Reports confirm that the film had 100% opening all over India, with all shows booked for the entire weekend.

Superstar's magic continues!


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