Exhibition of Letters to Kamal - From KB

Kamal Haasan never missed an opportunity in public to sing the praises of his guru director K. Balachander. Similarly K. Balachander also never minced his words when he praised his protégé Kamal.

To manifest this everlasting emotional relationship, the letters of KB written to Kamal Haasan are being displayed at the directors association's celebratory event D-40 which is happening on October 23.

K Balachandar regularly registered his admiration for Kamal at every important moment in his life and he did that with honesty and from his heart. He first wrote to Kamal in 1977 after watching ’16 Vayathinile’ which altered the course of Tami cinema. Since then he never forgets to register his contentment when ever his protégé reaches a milestone in real life or reel life.

Kamal has so far received around 75 letters from his Guru and has saved them all like his life’s most precious possessions. For the first time Kamal is letting the world see how much emotionally fulfilling is his relationship with his mentor. Tamil cinema industry is proud of these doyens.

Source: Indiaglitz


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