Feeling comfortable working in Tamil films, says Aish

After the block buster hit of Endhiran I plan to work with more Tamil films in future. I feel more confident and comfortable working in the language now, Aishwarya Rai said.


Once Aishwarya Rai was crowned the Miss World title she took up her acting career. She started her career with Tamil film titled Iruvar. But jeans movie was her first success in film industry.

Then she got many offers in other languages and she dint do much film in Kollywood. Some years later she did Kandukonden Kandukonden. And after a long interval Aish's Raavanan film was released few months ago. This Bollywood star paired up with Super Star Aishwarya Rai for Endhiran which have fetched a tremendous success.

In a press meet Aish said that, I feel more confident by working in my recent Tamil films compared with my other films like Iruvar and Jeans. I have visited Aishwarya Rai many times and I'm used to Tamil language. I respect Tamil language but couldn't able to speak fluently. So I don't like to spoil the language by speaking wrongly. But now I can able to speak Tamil well and I wish to do more Tamil film in future.

When asked about Endhiran she said that, getting a character like this is very arduous and I'm blessed to do such roles. I feel happy that I have done justice for my role in Endhiran.

She also thanked Shankar for giving her such a film. She also added that, now I have understood Shankar much better and I'm sure I can able to bring what he imagine onto the screen.


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