Friday Fiesta - Movies This Week 22 October 2010

This Friday is going to be no different from the last few Fridays. The uncertainties that prevailed in September are continuing through October as well. The landscape of theatrical exhibitions changed and only a very few in the industry can address the problems, if there are some.

'Endhiran' holds his fort very strong and it is dictating new releases. After the first week of 'Endhiran', 'Boss Engira Baskaran' returned. Now as days go some films are reworking their schedules.

Of the seven films announced last Friday, two films could not find theatres and are releasing this Friday. Two small films Aarvam and Thanga Pambu are seeing the light this week. Sundar C's 'Vaada' is also shifting to prime screens.

This week, two direct Tamil films Mattuthavani and Unnaiye Kadhalippen and two dubbed movies Ssss… Ssss… Ssss … and Vertigo have announced their releases.

'Mattuthavani' is another much delayed film. This movie was launched in mid 2007 and was waiting for release for almost one year. Some legal tangles and the biggies' effect have tried and tested this film a lot. 'Mattuthavani' is a popular area near Madurai and the film is of course about the violent Madurai.

Pavithran who directed films like 'Sooriyan' is back again with this film. With no major stars the film has not created a buzz even after so many months in the making except for that singing by Karunanidhi's grand son Arivunidhi and Kalavani Vimal's presence. Deva is the music director.

'Unnaiye Kadhalipen' is by rank new comers and its scope is limited considering the dynamics of Tamil cinema today. This is a triangular love story with Rathanmauli, Bhagyanjali and Sushma playing the lead roles. 'Unnaiye Kadhalipen' is directed by Ar.  Sivajidass for Producer B.Sudhakar

'Ssss… Ssss… Ssss' is the dubbed version of the much hype Mallika Sherawat's American Indian film 'Hisss'. It is a rehash of the Indian story about snakes that take human form to avenge humans. We have seen that in 'Neeya' and some Vitalacharya movies. 'Ssss… Ssss… Ssss' is the modern technical version.

Shruthi Kamal Haasan and Mallika Sherawat have sung in this, which may be news for some. Otherwise 'Ssss… Ssss… Ssss' is only for the curves of Mallika Sherawat.

Dubbed film 'Vertigo' is not about vertigo. It is an action adventure thriller. It is about a group of friends who decide to venture onto a trail high up in the mountains in Croatia that has been closed for repairs. The adventure soon turns into something darker and they realize that they are not alone. The holiday becomes a nightmare.

'Vertigo' is the dubbed version of the 2009 French slasher film 'Vertige' aka 'High Lane'. These days dubbing is not restricted only to Hollywood films. Of late we are seeing Tamil dubbed films from all over the world including Italian, French Thai and Korean.

The next big week for Tamil film industry is Diwali and it may not be as bright as the industry wants it to be. Most say 'Endhiran' will see through Diwali celebrations. So far only three films have been announced for Diwali which is unusual.

Source: Indiaglitz


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