Isaignani Ilayaraja Wins Gold
Isaignani Ilayaraja too is getting on with the brand endorsing activities and now he will appear for the brand of 'Malabar Gold'. The news has been officially confirmed by M.P. Ahammed, Chairman of Malabar Group and the official announcements for this new campaign will be made on October 15, 2010.

It is worth mentioning that Ilayaraja had never performed any song sequences and before year he took it upon a change in title song of 'Azhagar Malai'. Now the all-time maestro is all set to steal our hearts with his endorsement of 'Malabar Gold'.

Mr. M.P. Ahammed, Chairman, Malabar Group and Mr.Nishad A.K. Executive Director, Malabar Group, Mr. O. Asher, Regional Director, Malabar Group have been involved in deep discussions on using the greatest icon in a much colossal way of promoting their product.


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