Kamal-Shruthi. Like father, like daughter

We all know Kamal Haasan’s philanthropy through his fans association and he also personally gets involved if a cause arises. Kamal has the heart to refuse million dollars brand endorsement deals but to accept a social awareness campaign for meager or no remuneration.

Like father, the daughter is also proving to be a socially responsible citizen. Shruthi Haasan has agreed to be the brand ambassador for the TeachAIDS organisation which is involved in AIDS awareness around the world.

TeachAIDS is a nonprofit organization founded at the Stanford University School of Education that works to address and overcome the social and cultural challenges related to HIV/AIDS prevention education.

Shruthi Haasan will be participating in all the events conducted by the organisation including stage shows and singing for the short films made to create AIDS awareness

Shruthi has refused any monetary compensation for endorsing this social NGO. While she was at the set of '7am Arivu', the unit learnt about her deed and arranged for a spot celebration and congratulated her.

Source: Indiaglitz


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