Kissing scene in Thottu Par deleted

Thottu ParThe Censor Board deleted the kissing scene in the film Thottu Par. Janaki Shivakumar has produced the film titled Thottu Par under the banner Tholpavai Theatres. Vidarth and Lakshana are in the lead roles. Srikanth Deva has composed the music. The film is to be released on 15th of this month.

K V Nandu who directed this film said,” Heroine plays prank with the hero. The hero takes it seriously and later on when he comes to know that it is a prank, kisses the heroine in order to show his emotions. When we explained this sequence to Lakshana, she refused. Later on she realized that this scene important for the film agreed to act in this scene.

The same kissing scene will appear twice in the film. The Censor Board members requested us to delete this sequence. Accordingly we have deleted this scene. Apart from this we have also deleted one bar scene also. But the story of the film will not affect because we have deleted these scenes.

The story of this film is about a youngster who comes from a village to the city because of a problem. He joins in bar. He encounters problems because of the people who come there. How he overcomes these problems is the rest of the story. Ramana who used to do the lead roles is donning the villain role in this film.”


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