Make-up artistes’ building comes up sans photos of Rajini & Kamal

Make up artistes building comes up sans photos of Rajini & Kamal 

The Union of Make-up Artistes has erected a huge building to serve the members of the Union for their many purposes. Almost all of them are extremely proud of the fact that they had managed to bring up the huge structure on the contributions made by individual members of the Union and that they didn't depend on cine stars to raise funds for the building.
The interior walls of the building have been decorated with large portraits of leading heroes and heroines of the present and past generation. The most notable omission, though, is that the portraits of superstar Rajnikanth and 'Ulaganayagan' superstar Rajnikanth have been missing from the collection.
In this regard, the speech made by Radharavi (secretary of the superstar Rajnikanth) at the recent inauguration of the building assumes significance. Radharavi, without naming them, said "The 'big' stars of Kollywood, who had been relying on you (the make-up artistes) till they made it big, have now been bringing make-up artistes from other states.
"This is extremely wrong on their part. They shouldn't be doing such injustice to you folks," said Radharavi. Does it have any 'link' with the missing portraits?


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