Mithran is a good friend: Vivek

"Mithran Jawahar is what his name is. He is a good friend and will never make you feel on the sets that he is the captain of the ship", says Vivekh, who has worked with the filmmaker in 'Uthamaputhiran'.
Describing the director as a nice colleague too, Vivek says, "He knows how to extract work from the cast and crew. But at the same time without any bossing. I feel happy to work with him".
Saying that he initially had apprehensions to be part of the project, the comedian says, "because the entire script revolved around Dhanush and I felt I had little scope in the movie to perform".
"However, I realised later that my character has got immense potential and agreed to work in 'Uthamaputhiran'. Dhanush is very practical and our combination in 'Padikadhavan' rocked. Hope the magic will be recreated".

Source: Indiaglitz


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