Naane Ennul Illai - Movie Review

Directed by Jayachitra
Produced by Jayachitra
Written by Jayachitra
Starring Amresh Ganesh
Arya Menon
Music by Amresh Ganesh
Studio Senthur Murugan Combines

Veteran actress Jayachitra has taken up the mantle of making a movie that showcases the multiple talents of her son Amaresh Ganesh.
In his debut venture, Amaresh has not just played the lead role but composed music for six songs besides writing lyrics for a couple of numbers. The confident mom has ensured all is centered on Amaresh in a script that has no logic or magic.
While Amaresh plays a youth who strives to make a mark for him in the society, Arya Menon is the heroine and Raghav dons the role of a baddie. Nasser, Saranya, Radha Ravi, Kuyili, Lavanya form part of the cast with guest appearance by directors P Vasu and K S Ravikumar.

Amaresh (Amaresh Ganesh), a student in a Chennai college, loves his classmate Ishwarya (Arya Menon), who’s mother (Kuyili) wants her become an actress. There is one Ranjith (Raghav) who has an eye on Ishwarya.
This leads to enmity between Amaresh and him. Amaresh's father Vasu (Nasser) often chides his son for being callous and irresponsible in life. In the meantime, Ishvarya becomes a heroine in Tamil cinema and soon Amaresh too gets a chance from director P Vasu to act as hero in his film.
But Ranjith ensures that his dream is short-lived. However determined to succeed, Amaresh ends up becoming an actor. Soon he wins accolades from all quarters and even a National award for best actor
There are scenes where Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, director K Balachander appear to make some lengthy speeches about Amaresh. Finally, Amaresh teaches Ranjith a lesson and wins the love of his father. He also ends up marrying Ishwarya.
Amaresh reminds one of Silambarasan at many places. Arya Menon is artificial in the role while Raghav is tacky. Nasser, P Vasu and Ravikumar are the ones who lend some solidity. Saranya in mother's role is convincing.
There are enough clich├ęd sequences that may drive one to boredom. At many places the film proceeds at snail's pace. Adding to the suffering is a lengthy climax. Had more scenes be trimmed and characters tried their best to perform, the movie could have been a different one.


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