No Change in 'Mynaa' Climax

Amidst of big tickets thundering with its realms in towns, ‘Mynaa’ is making its tides of attraction amongst everyone. It all started with producer Udhayanidhi Stalin acquiring the project and confessing about his sleepless nights after watching the movie. Off the late, it was Padmashree Kamal Haasan, who saw the film coined it as a masterpiece.

Prabhu Solomon is full of high-spirited delight and about the rumors about film’s climax being so hard, he confirms about no changes will made through it. According to Prabhu Solomon, the film’s touch will be incomplete if any modifications are done over the climax portions.

Shot across various parts of forest and hilly regions, Mynaa will be the first ever nativity based film set in backdrops of colorful ambiences.

The film is turning more spotlights on it with more celebrities are invited for special screenings so as to utilize their comments for ‘Word of Mouth’ publicity.


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