‘Ochayee’ in trouble

A reported decision by the State Commercial Taxes department refusing to exempt the film ‘Ochayee’ from entertainment tax stating that the title is not a Tamil name has triggered a fresh debate.
While authorities have reportedly said that ‘Ochayee’ is a meaningless word and asked the producers to prove their claim with records, a section of Tamil activists feel it is very much a Tamil name.
Asai Thambi, who has written and directed the film, has also garnered support from political leaders including CPI State secretary D Pandian and VCK supreme Thol Thirumavalavan. “Ochayee is a popular folk deity around Usilampatti in Madurai district. It is a common name there. If exemption of tax can be given to films like Endhiran and Va- Quarter Cutting, Ochayee should also be given tax waiver”, Tamil activists say.
The DMK government, which came to power in Tamil Nadu in 2006, announced tax sop to films that have Tamil titles, in a bid to encourage producers and directors to use Tamil titles.

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