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Ochayee - Movie Review Ochayee - Movie Review Ochayee - Movie Review Ochayee - Movie Review Ochayee - Movie Review Ochayee - Movie Reviewhttps://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEidi9ZqoQTyYjIvpUXnmn8-EWXU8taumDKUk5csjJrNMug0qGcCH9qpo3F5_lffHMnyMPACJPngy9cuvA5FUE_TV6Jvt0HQaxcEcQFgp99ZErFHEF-y44AP5x22FjV90nHfbSgwFhraCHkT/s400/Ochayee-Movie-wallpapers-posters-04.jpg
Starring: Daya, Thamarai, Dravia Pandian, Santhana Bharathi
Direction: Asaithambi
Music: Jeeva Raja
Production: Dravia Pandian

Ochayee is one of the first movies to get released post Endhiran. Written and directed by Asaithambi, Ochayee is produced by Dravia Pandian. Endhiran, which was released recently, has raised the bar for Tamil cinema. We can now evaluate movies pre and post Endhiran. To our disappointment, Ochayee falls into the pre-Endhiran category.

Rajesh is the doting father of his young son, who has lost his mother at a very young age. Thinking about the kid's future, Rajesh decides to re-marry. He marries a girl who is much younger to him and pays the price for it later. Rajesh, who does masonic jobs, is rejected by his second wife due to his lifestyle. Though she disallows Rajesh's intimacy, she starts having an affair with an outsider. This happens often without Rajesh's notice. The stepmom also tortures the young kid by not providing him food and making him buy toddy for her lover. Rajesh eventually comes to know about this from his friends. He also sees his wife during an intimate scene with her lover and kills both and goes to jail.

The son becomes an orphan and becomes the laughing stock of the village. Dravia Pandian, a local dada with a golden heart, adopts the son and helps him study and grow. It so happens that, after a few years, a constable tells about his wife's illicit affair with the village 'Pannaiyar' to Daya (Rajesh's son). Enraged by this, Daya kills the Pannaiyar, which makes people turn against Daya. But with the help of Dravia Pandian, Daya escapes and manages to love his relative Ochayee (Thamarai). Things become worse when Santhana Bharathi, the Pannaiyar's brother, renews the enmity and is bent upon killing Daya. Everything boils down to the climax when Daya and Thamarai try to escape after getting married. The heroine gets killed in a lorry accident and Daya is killed by a bullet. Whew!

Haven't you seen a movie like this before? This is the same run-of-the-mill story that we have seen a lot in the 80s and the early 90s. Even if we try to see something new in this movie, the effort yields no results. We keep wondering why we cannot think of a better way to spend money.

No guesses but the screenplay, dialogues and direction falls flat. It is so hard to point out scenes that can be deemed for improvement. The music, editing and camera too fall into the 'OK' categories. A lot was said about the movie before the release but where are the much hyped sequences?

It was told that Rajesh stayed in and around villages surrounding Usilampatti for a month to learn about the culture and the language. We never get to see the effort. He has done a good job as instructed by the director. So has Daya, the hero. He shines in bits but gives a feeling that he has done justice to the role offered. Thamarai as Ochayee has no scope to perform. Producer Dravia Pandian scores in his role as the local dada.

Overall, Ochayee is the usual thorough-fare that we are used to. A tried and tested formula, newcomers and the usual 'village' backdrop make this a dull watch. We can only wish that these kinds of movies do not have an impact on Tamil cinema, as we have seen movies with a lot of promise in recent times. To sum it up, Ochayee is "Aracha maavaiyee thiruppi arachi irukaanga".

Verdict: Dull, disoriented and tedious!


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