Protests against Nayantara

Expressing support to Prabhu Deva's wife Latha aka Ramalath, who has approached a family court that her husband was avoiding her following a 'relationship' with Nayantara, various women's associations conducted a protest in Chennai on Tuesday.

Members of women and human rights organisations, during their agitation Tuesday morning, also burnt an effigy of Nayantara and raised slogans against her for "bringing disrepute to Tamil culture".

"Ramalath hails from a middle class family and we are behind her. She and her sons will become orphaned if Prabhu Deva deserts her for Nayantara. We will show black flags to Nayantara wherever she goes", one of the agitators said.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Ramalath had threatened to go on an indefinite hunger strike if her husband married Nayantara. On Monday, the mother of two children moved the family court, requesting a reunion with her husband and stating that she was unwilling to go in for a divorce.

Source: Indiaglitz


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