Rajini getting serious on Baasha-2

The news has been in the rounds for sometime. While speaking at a RM Veerappan family function Rajini said that, to produce another movie like 'Baasha' is possible only by RMV and Sathya Movies. That was a perceived as a message and Sathya Movies began scripting for a sequel to 'Baasha' starring the one and only super star.

As nobody, neither Rajini nor RM Veerappan, denied the developments everyone believed in the making of 'Baasha-2'. Now with another buzz coming in, it is almost certain that Rajini’s next film will be 'Baasha-2' produced by Sathya Movies.

Sources say that Rajini before embarking on his spiritual journey to the Himalayas went and met RM Veerappan discussed the project. Rajini is said to have told Sathya Movies to get the script ready and if the script is ready by the time he returns he will immediately take up the project.

These very positive signs have put Sathya Movies in top gear after almost 20 years. 'Baasha' was the last film produced by Sathya Movies after which it was lying low. Now with Rajini backing up the revival of the legendary banner is imminent.


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