Rajini refuses being called God

He's no wonder called as Superstar of the masses. Although he's a global icon, Rajinikanth is a very down-to-earth personality. And mind you, if he gets any extra dosage of flattery then Rajini is not the star who will be impressed. Read on…

It is heard that Rajini was not at all pleased when he found that he was referred as 'God' in one of the promo of recently released Hindi film ‘Khichdi’. Immediately his discomfort was conveyed by his assistant to the film's producer J .D. Majethia.

When the producer was contacted by sources he confirmed that Rajini's assistant had indeed called him and said that Rajini Sir had not liked the idea of being referred to as 'God' in the film. "I told him that we had no intentions of hurting Rajini Sir’s sentiments at all and in fact, we’re all big fans of his,” remarked Majethia.

"I would have removed it if Rajini Sir had insisted. But all matters have been sorted out and it’s fine now," stated the producer.

Source: Indiaglitz


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