Rajni plans Robot screening for Dev Anand

Rajnikanth's latest blockbuster Robot might have a million fans swooning over him at the moment but few are aware that the actor happens to be a huge fan of Dev Anand's.

And guess what? Rajni has organised a special screening of Robot for Anand this evening. The South star is very keen that his idol Devsaab watches his film.

A source said, " Rajnikanth is organising a special trail for Devsaab at a multiplex in Juhu. Rajni's office personnel called Devsaab's manager and told him that Rajni sir is keen that Devsaab watches the film.

The manger took the details and spoke to Devsaab. A little known fact is that Rajni has immense respect for Dev Anand.

In fact, when his wife Latha Rajnikanth organised a major event in Chennai earlier this year, she invited Dev Anand to it as a special guest. During this visit, Devsaab went to Rajni's house and they interacted for quite a long time. This is where they became friends and now he wants Devsaab to watch the film."

It seems the admiration is mutual because Devsaab instantly agreed to Rajni's offer. When contacted, Dev Anand said, "Yes, my manager Mohan told me that Rajni had called and that he has organised a show for me.

I will obviously go. I believe that the film is a huge hit. He has a massive fan following.

I had gone to Chennai in April this year, where his wife called me for an event. I met him there and we became friends. He told me that he was making this picture and was busy with it.

At the event, he spoke very highly of me and I talked about him. It would be nice to watch his film and catch up with him."

But even Superman finds it hard to catch up with Rajni; he is THAT fast!


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