Rakta Charitra I - Movie Review (Raktha Charitram)

Rakta Charitra I - Hindi Telugu Movie Review Rakta Charitra I - Movie Review Rakta Charitra I - Movie Review Rakta Charitra I - Movie Review

http://twitchfilm.net/news/Rakta-Charitra1.jpgRelease Date:October 22, 2010

Language:Hindi / Telugu / Tamil
Genre(s):Epics / Historical / Action
Director (s):Ram Gopal Varma
Producer (s):Co-Producer:Jaspinder Kang, Cynergy Pictures, Line producer: Alok Singh
Starring:Vivek Oberoi ,Abhimanyu Singh, Kota Srinivas Rao, Radhika Apte, Shatrughan Sinha, Sudeep, Surya, Sushant Singh, Zarina Wahab

Cameraman:Amol Rathod
Story:Prashant Pandey
Music:Dharam & Sandeep, Sukhwinder Singh, Vikram & Imran

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This is the story of a dramatic increase is the power and history of blood clotting is more intense on the conflict between two people and is also the final declaration as to the devastating effects of a lethal combination of caste, crime, family disputes and politics too. This story is from the life of Paritala Ravi South India, was assassinated in January 2005, inspired. Although the facts of history that happened and the characters existed in South India, is director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) decided to do it in Hindi, because she firmly believes that the absolute singularity is worth telling the story to a much wider audience .

Paritala Ravi was perhaps the most feared person in the history of blood in South India with political faction. It was the first defendant in numerous cases of murder and has numerous assassination attempts survived the most brutal, what happened on a quiet afternoon in November 1997 as a road near Rama Naidu studio in Hyderabad is killed in a battlefield of a bomb The 26 people, but do not get their goal Ravi.
RGV was read as part of your life, the biographies of several people and got through various sources of the life stories of many people who are very dangerous to know, but the stories are nothing compared to the history of life Ravis. As Ravi, a shy quiet, with a force of circumstances, retreated to the jungle, was a rebel, like a volcano avenge the violence drive to his parents and brothers dead and, as time become a legend and folklore, finally, a minister NT Ramara, even more impressive than any fiction writer in the world can imagine.
Ravi's name not only shook the back of their rivals, but also the bodies of prosecution. He was a rebel, a feudal lord, a Robin Hood, a murderer and save hundreds of thousands of people, until he set supposedly by a death squad by his rival, Suri, who wanted to avenge his father and his brothers was killed died seen in a foreign Dej.
RGV was more room for power Ravis a while, but Suri for the first time after a bomb explosion at Rama Naidu studios. He was surprised and chilled to see limited that even after a jail cell, such as the fire of revenge still Suris constantly burning for 7 years, was until he finally, armed to kill with nothing more than a desire to Ravi as his sole and only weapon


Welcome to the law of the jungle. If there are no rules. If a person's life is not worth a penny. If Goondi sovereign raj reins. If men were killed and women abducted and raped. When the police to obey the orders of thugs. Where weapons, swords, bombs, knives and knives are the best friends of man. Welcome to Rakht Charitra, based on the true story of Paritala Ravi.
Ramgopal Varma film is dark and Rakht Charitra is known not only a filmmaker but also the most violent film Hindi film to date. Be forewarned, Rakht Charitra not for the coward. And this is not for those who enjoy visiting with family rooms, weekend after weekend that movie with the perfect family to see. It's just a song [not necessary in fact], not romance, not a comedy / humor, no battlefields, not beautiful face, no family gathering and not the attention for escapist cinema. RGV is a rebel, he likes to show movies, and create Rakht Charitra to make even more.
I would add, is one of the most successful works Rakht Charitra RGV. Perhaps it could be a reason, because there is now produced gangster films and crime with amazing regularity, and of course there is not much that can be explored due to limitations of the genre. But yes, Rakht Charitra a fascinating story to tell, and even if they are not familiar with Paritala Ravi, you can identify with Rakht Charitra, because the essence of the movie revenge.
the last word? With a title like Rakht Charitra and all the blood and gore in the film, is the fact that the movie has appeal for those who understand the brutality in the film, in turn, cut a large part of the [Public men and see how children] . But in terms of content, I would say Rakht Charitra is the best bet of the week.
Rakht Charitra deals with people emotionally unstable and is located in a rural environment. Tells the story of Paritala Ravi [Vivek Oberoi], a soft-spoken person who took the law into their own hands to avenge the murder of his father [Rajendra Gupta] and brother [Sushant Singh]. Paritala Ravi names shook not only the backs of their rivals, but also the bodies of prosecution. He was minister at the time. The first part ends with his company on a mission to end Goondi raj in the state.
So far we have come to expect the odd camera angles, very close, a background score furious, full of energy, action and a summary of the stories and film RGV is not Rakht Charitra different. We expect that all of this and much more [more bloodshed] in Rakht Charitra. From Rakht Charitra is based on a true story, it is what we can comment, but as the incident took keep you hooked. Of course, a right to revenge, but it is strange that in essence, to become a killing machine to a soft-spoken individual.
Apart from incidents in the first roles, not much movement in the history of the first hour. In fact, there are more murders and assassinations. But the story gains momentum when an iconic actor-turned-politician on the scene and took him under his wing Paritala Ravi. The sequences between Shatrughan Sinha and Vivek are, frankly, the party leaders and winning companies. The post-interval is different because the murders Paritala now reduce and control his opponent from the corridors of power.
Rakht Charitra is long in the second half, and we really feel that RGV, the length of the film for a few minutes have been reduced, although the introduction of a curiosity Suriya increased only the second end.
RGV has handled a number of brilliant sequences, but the film leaves a sense of deja vu from time to time. Moments in films like Sarkar and Sarkar Raj and Satya and Company, but not remotely similar Rakht Charitra, flash through my mind. It's a bit difficult to cover all incidents in the script, but writer Prashant Pandey made a sincere effort. Cinematography [Amol Rathod] in the eye. Action scenes are with reality.
Background score compliments the mood of the film.
 Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajendra Gupta, Anupam Shyam, Sushmita Mukherjee, Kota Srinivasa Rao Vishwajeet Pradhan and shine in their respective parties. Sudeep and Darshan Jariwala received risk.

In general, Rakht Charitra delivered not for the faint hearted or the lily. Violence, blood, and is downloaded into the film showed Gore and put you in trouble, he will only develop the capabilities of the hardware problem has been fixed. The film is first and foremost to those who see the aggression, violence, brutality, blood and carnage on the screen, as directed, will choose a piece of film in the [women and children] groups may remain from this scene of carnage . Business in Telugu and Tamil versions expected to be very good because of the strong identification with the subject.


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