Rakta Charitra / Ratha Charitram - Part 2 coming after 3 weeks

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEglzKWJZ8xNx77D6eAkWkMYUwNDBgLfdQXMd4QEo-zPBtcKAbJbhvjo13yTPX5KJ65VrTzsJ6Hj1iV45qslDUSAYlGKe8UbBytX0TXs3hDHf7HbWxglggs9VSQO6JirOIQHM4Lgmx4jVp8K/s1600/ratha-sarithiram9.jpgGenerally, if a film fares well at the box office, the producers start working on the second instalment of the film. Of course, there's always a substantial gap between the first and second parts, since the film-maker in question doesn't rush into it till he has locked the script. However, Ram Gopal Varma thinks differently. The maverick film-maker has decided to tell a story in two parts, which explains why he filmed the first and second parts of Rakht Charitra at one go.

Now here's the latest on the film[s]. While Rakht Charitra Part I will open next Friday [22 October], the second part, Rakht Charitra Part II, will open three weeks later, on 12/19 November. Incidentally, South superstar Suriya, who plays a pivotal part in the film, makes an entry in the second part.

Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama


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