Rattha Charithram on November 19?

http://static.diimg.com/gallery/1549/110569522_4be28daac6d65_m.jpgSoon as Suriya announced that they are planning to release the film for Diwali, it was a joyful restrain for his fans. But again, it was a confusing call as Dayanidhi Azhagiri is vigorously promoting the film 'Va Quarter Cutting' as Diwali release. Two films under the same banner released on the same occasion are often not recommended for.

Likely, the release date of Rattha Charithram is likely to get postponed during second or third week of November. According to the sources, there is a sort of gentleman's agreement that the Tamil version should be released along with second part of Hindi and Telugu.

As known earlier, Telugu and Hindi RC will be released in two parts while Tamil version with a single part release. Factually, Vivek Oberoi and Ram Gopal Varma have huge fans following them in Hindi regions while the film based on Parithala Ravi has urged Telugu cohorts to watch it by all means. But as with accordance to Tamil audiences, the film is to be marketed purely for 'Suriya' factor.

The first parts will not have much importance of Suriya as the complete film is about the growth and rise of Parithala Ravi from a gangster to a politician while the second part is about Maddelacheruvu Suri's combat with Ravi.


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