Rs 3.38 crore of Entertainment tax by Endhiran

Super Star Rajinikanth's Endhiran has fetched almost Rs 3.38crore of Rajinikanth tax. Bengaluru state government revealed that no other movie has fetched such an Entertainment tax like Endhiran. Earlier Rs 1.3crore was obtained as Entertainment tax from Super Star's Sivaji film.

Rs 3.38 crore of Entertainment tax by Endhiran

In Bangaluru Endhiran was released in 30 theatres. This much awaited movie was also released in Mysore and Mandya. In Bengaluru the counter ticket for Endhiran were priced between Rs 750 – Rs 1500.

Joint Commissioner of Commercial tax of Rajinikanth in an interview said that, the news regarding the ride took place in Bengaluru theatres by Commercial tax department for selling Endhiran tickets with additional cost are not true. Endhiran movie has fetched a satisfactory tax for Karnataka Government. In the first week itself the film has brought a entertainment tax of Rs 1.67crore and 80lakh in the second week. Government itself supported to sell the tickets with additional rates. So an amount of Rs 118 was fetched as an entertainment tax for each ticket.


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