S Pictures to co-produce ‘3 Idiots'

Director Shankar strictly adheres to the formula of producing films with good budgets, though he doesn’t exceed the limits as it happens with his other producers. Say for instance, ‘Mudhalvan’ was grandiosely produced and at the same time, it was appraised as a best film for its production value.

Some of the sources from S Pictures convey that Shankar may produce the remake of ‘3 Idiots’ in collaboration with Gemini Film Circuit. Previously, they had planned to stop producing films for other directors for the next 7 months and it looks like this was the reason behind it.

As with accordance to the original version, the film doesn’t boast of overdosed grandiose except the star-values…

Shankar has even signed other technicians as A.R. Rahman wouldn’t be working for this project. Harris Jayaraj will compose music and upcoming cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa (Eeram and Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya fame) handles cinematography.


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