Sadha has got something to sulk

"Due to the delay in the making of some Hindi films, I had no other option than missing some wonderful offers", says Sadha, who is looking for a comeback in Kollywood now.
The actress, who is currently playing the female lead in RK starrer 'Puli Vesham', directed by P Vasu, says, "But I would not blame anyone as these things are tend to happen in the industry".
Claiming that she is currently part of a couple of Hindi films, the 'Jayam' and 'Anniyan' actress adds: "The character I am doing in 'Puli Vesham' will take me to the all sections of the audience".
On doing glamorous roles, she says, "There is nothing wrong in doing such characters. But there should be a limit and one should be clear about the difference between glamour and vulgarity".

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