Sasikumar fixes exorbitant rate for his Eesan 
Now that Sasikumar had taken over the Sasikumar of the film titled 'Eesan' from actor Vikram and had gone ahead and completed shooting for the film, he has been in talks with distributors to sell the film off. Till recently, Sasikumar was looked upon as the 'next big thing' that had struck Sasikumar, with his talents in acting, producing and directing the film.

As he has taken upon the cudgels of selling the film 'Eesan', directed by him, he is being seen as a 'different' person in distribution circles. The reason is said to be the exorbitant rate quoted by him. Sasikumar, who has completed the film at a budget of Rs.8 crores, is reportedly trying to sell the film off for Rs.20 crores.
When asked as to what was the reason behind him quoting such a high rate for a medium-budget film, Sasikumar has this to say: "My earlier film 'Nadodigal' collected an overall sum of Rs.26 crores; it's an established fact. However, this time for 'Eesan', I'm only demanding Rs.20 crores, which is actually Rs.6 crore less than the profit earned by Nadodigal!"
What would one say to counter this argument?


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