‘Endhiran’ story is mine: Writer

A Tamil writer lodged a complaint at the Chennai city Police Commissioner's Office on Monday alleging that Superstar Rajinikanth starrer 'Endhiran' was a spin-off from his novel that was published a few years ago.
Aarur Tamil Nadan, who is a deputy news editor with a biweekly Tamil investigative magazine, came to the Police Commissioner's office with his advocates and submitted the petition.
Speaking to reporters, he said, "I had written a small novel Jugiba and it was published in a magazine in 1996. My novel was published again in 2007 with my permission. Director Shankar and producer Kalanithi Maran stole the raw story from my novel and made Endhiran".
"Many of my friends and relatives informed me about this. So I went and watched the movie and was shocked to find that the director and the producer have clearly violated copyright and made a movie with my story as the plot with just some songs and fight sequences as additions".

Source: Indiaglitz


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