Thottupaar - Movie Review
‘Thottu Paar’ doesn’t boast off a difference as the film travels on hackneyed concept. Looks like director K.T. Nandu had blatantly crafted the script for the leading mass commercial heroes of Tamil cinema.

The basic problem with ‘Thottu Paar’ is neither screenplay nor casting is okay as it repeats the commercial ingredients over and again.

A devil-may-care youngster (Viddarth) has no dreams in his life and this wastrel gets into a problem with a cop (late actor Haneefa). But sooner they are into conniving acts of releasing criminals from prison for money. On an unexpected situation, the duo gets into a problem, where a person released by them bumps off a minister. With no options left, Viddarth heads to Chennai and works in a wine shop, where he comes across an alcoholic lawyer (Azhagam Perumal) inactive in service and his wife (Anu Haasan), a doctor by profession. Soon they a bond of relationship develops between them.

But there’s a twist with the entry of a villainous eunuch (played by Ramana), which connects the story between the person who killed minister and how the lives of this happy couple were spoiled.

Viddarth looks over energetic as he doesn’t want to miss his chance of making it bigger in film industry. He exerts his complete efforts and yet lacks perfection. Actress Lakshana is nothing but additional ingredient of commercial factor. Ramana takes on a best performance and he can try his luck with certain negative roles in future. Azhagam Perumal and Anu Haasan are good with their parts. Late actor Haneefa does justice to his role.

Really annoying to hear the same and old patterns of Srikanth Deva while rest of the technical aspects is below average.

Kalaipuli S Dhanu can better choose the best films and at least get the aid of such projects in releasing them rather than straining with these mediocre ones.

On the whole, ‘Thottu Paar’ is not a piece of cake for any group as even it vexes the frontbenchers.

What works: Casting of certain actors

What doesn’t work: Almost everything on narrative and technical arenas.

Verdict: Not worth watching

Production: Tholpavai Theatres

Direction: K.T. Nandu

Star-casts: Vidarth, Lakshana, Ramana and others

Music: Srikanth Deva


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