Uthamaputhiran - Music Review

Uthamaputhiran - It’s okay, Son!

Banner:Balaji Studios Pvt. Ltd
Cast:Dhanush, Genelia, Bhagyaraj, Vivek, Karunas
Direction:Mithran Jawahar
Production:Mohan Apparao, Chandra Ramesh
Music:Vijay Antony

Director Mithran Jawahar teams with ‘Mappillai’ Dhanush for the third time for ‘Uthamaputhiran’, yet another remake for the director-actor duo. Vijay Antony handles the music for a Dhanush movie for the first time! Priyan, Eknath and Annamalai are the lyricists who have penned the songs. Does Vijay Antony pull it off?

1. Ussumu Laresay

Singers: Vijay Antony, Emcee Jazz, Janani

Lyricist: Priyan

A typical start to a Vijay Antony album! A peppy song that has the composer himself singing along with ‘Kadhal Gundar’ rapper Emcee Jazz and Janani giving the female vocals! A foot tapping song that has the lyrics ‘Ussumu Laresay’ rendered by the singers in tandem and the song progresses with the rap by Emcee Jazz at regular intervals! Watch out for the ‘takunu takunu’ at the end of each stanza!

Imagine Dhanush dancing to this number, quite an energetic composition with the rap as fillers! Although it has something fresh in it, the song reminds you one of Vijay Antony’s past compositions! Listen to the foot tapping percussions and the fillers! The start up – ‘Ussumu Laresay’ could most likely be a hum in all mouths after the song gets popular!

2. Kan Irrandil

Singer: Naresh Iyer

Lyricist: Eknath

The 2nd track is a completely contrary song to the first song! The beginning is slow paced and Naresh Iyer breathes in slowly, but it progresses steadily to higher notes. Probably a song, when the hero sings on how the hero fell in love! As the song progresses, the tempo goes presto thanks to the steady voice of Naresh and the assortment of the music instruments.

The fillers in between the stanzas might give that ‘SA Rajkumar’ touch thanks to the flute, the violin and the folk beats. A medium paced song, quite a romantic number!

3. Idicha Pacharis

Singers: Ranjith, Vinaya, Sangeetha

Lyricist: Annamalai

‘Idicha Pacharisi’, well that’s not quite the beginning of the song because the singers sing a prelude to the song! Talking about the festive mood of a wedding and the bride, the song seems to be a total Thamizh song thanks to its lovely lyrics by Annamalai.

Once the first stanza completes, Ranjith, a singer with a blessed voice, jumps in to continue the song. As it is all about the wedding, the tempo is quite steady and fast, creating a positive impact. Though not a hummable number, it deserves a hearing for the folk beats, instruments with Ranjith, Vinaya and Sangeetha’s voice.

4. En Nenju

Singers: Vijay Prakash, Saindhavi

Lyricist: Priyan

Vijay Antony is a talented musician and the fact is testified with the start up music for this song! What a start, besides a bass voice talking English words, the composition is filled with classy instrumentation, a mixture of violin and percussion! And he continues the goodness of this song with Vijay Prakash, the singer in demand.

A love duet, that progresses to higher notes and stablises. The fillers are amazing and as the main verses get over, the sub verses are balanced well with due credit to the singers – Vijay Prakash and Saindhavi! A word about the lyricist here, Priyan, he’s done a great job! Must listen song!

5. Thooral Thedum

Singer: Ajesh, Janani

Lyricist: Eknath

Yet another love duet here! A great beginning to this song as well, with an excellent execution of strings. Ajesh and Janani sing slowly, in this romantic number!

The song starts with minimal music instruments and progresses in a slow tempo! Snaps, claps and tinge of string, the end of every stanza ends on a high note by the singers! Even the fillers are neatly interspersed with melodious instruments like the flute. Listen to this!

6. Ulagam Unnaku

Singer: Vijay Prakash

Lyricist: Annamalai

We have Vijay Prakash again in the album! This time it is a fast song! As the lyrics in the song go, one can imagine this song to be a hero’s introduction or talking about the hero’s attitude! Traces of inspiration from Hip-Hop can be spotted and Vijay Antony has neatly presented this song. The score in between the verses are filled with dance beats. Not really attractive but one hearing won’t harm!

Vijay Antony – Buoyant Attempt

Vijay Antony has tried his best to give youthful compositions in ‘Uthamaputhiran’. His tunes, instruments and tempo are good but for a musician of his caliber, the tracks could have been better. Out of the six tracks - Ussumu Laresay, En Nenju and Thooral Thedum appeal to your ears!


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