Vijay Antony ROFL

Vijay Antony can't control laughing when he speaks about Dhanush starrer 'Uthamaputhiran', for which he has composed music. "The film is a comedy cocktail", he says.

The music director, who has watched the movie many a time to compose background score, says, "Uthamaputhiran is a complete laugh riot and the performance of Dhanush and Vivek is rocking".

"Director Mithran R Jawahar has shaped up the film in such a way that it would tickle well the funny bones of the audience", he says and adds: "Every time I saw 'Uthamaputhiran', I was rolling on the floor laughing (and that's why the ROFL)".

Claiming that 'Uthamaputhiran' would be bigger than 'Padikadhavan', in which the Dhanush-Vivek duo gelled well earlier, Vijay Antony says, "You would find my words true after the film hits the screens".

Source: Indiaglitz


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