What Has Been Delaying Muriyadi?

If released at the right time, the film would make it bigger for its socio-theme. The original version 'Passenger' was a sleeper hit in Malayalam and got ennobled as one of the biggest hits of Malayalam film industry. Remade by Selvah, the quickie project was completed within short span of time. However, the film is constrained from release due to some unavoidable reasons.

Calls on airs are that the production house of Kavithalaya Productions is undergoing some financial crises. The long awaited film 'Krishna Leelai' produced by the same banner is still remaining inside cans and now 'Muriyadi' too joins the bandwagon.

'Muriyadi' is a sleek thriller drama involved with socialistic issues and how three different characters come together unexpectedly putting to the evil acts.


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