Will K.S RaviKumar take up Rajini’s next film?


It is already confirmed news that Super star's next movie will be produced by R.M Veerapan on behalf of Satya Movies. But the director of the movie was not finalized. In such situation Times of India today revealed that Rajinikanth next film with R.M Veerapan will be directed by K.S RaviKumar.
K.S RaviKumar
K.S Ravikkumar & Rajinikanth has already done two films titled Muthu and Padaiyappa which have attained a block buster hit. Right now K.S.RaviKumar is busy with the post-production work of Manmadhan Ambhu and he has not signed in any other offers. But it is believed that the director was waiting to do a film with Rajini so he did not get engaged in any other films. Two other directors who were chosen for directing this film are Hari and K.S RaviKumar.
If Ravikumar get this offer then this will be the third film for him with Rajini combination.
Already Ravikumar has taken up Rajini's K.S RaviKumar film which is under progress.


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