Ajith's Billa II - First Look, Bill 2 First Look Movie Poster, Image, Still

So there is more action on Ajith front. News about 'Mankatha' progress is oozing and also about the next big film of Ajith.

News was officially out on Diwali day about the sequel to the slick 'Billa'. The first one was a remake and the sequel is going to be an action thriller. Going by the first publicity materials 'Billa-II' is going to be one hell of a bloody adventure.

The same team which was in charge of the first 'Billa' is developing the sequel also. Interestingly the sequel to Shahrukh Khan's 'Don' is also being made. The Hindi sequel has Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta along with Shahrukh Khan.

But will Nayantara be a part of the sequel as Priyanka Chopra is in Hindi 'Don-II'? It will be interesting to know what Nayantara decides. Also will be the other heroine in Tamil who will take the place of Lara Dutta.

So many things to follow on 'Billa-II'. Keep coming back to know more, as and when it happens.

Source: Indiaglitz


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