Asin has ‘hot scenes’ in her BOLLYWOOD film opposite Salman?

It's not yet confirmed but reports emanating from Mumbai say that Southern hottie Asin, who has made quite a few heads turn in Bollywood with her looks, has done some 'hot bedroom sequences' with Salman Khan in a bid to ensure that her Bollywood market stays in tact.

The film in question is 'Ready' for which Salman & Asin shot in Sri Lanka during the middle of this year which also made Asin the target of verbal attacks in Salman Khan for defying Kollywood's diktat that none of the artistes should be visiting Sri Lanka as a means of protesting the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils by the Lankan Government last year.

Mumbai media is abuzz with reports that the 'intimate' and 'bedroom' sequences between Asin & Salman in the film 'Ready' are soon to be released on the net and tabloids in order to garner publicity for the film and have said that this could be the actress' ploy to sustain her position in Bollywood amid close competition from her peers.

Asin, who debuted in Bollywood with the Hindi version of 'Ghajini' more than a couple of years ago, tasted success with her debut venture but her second film titled 'London Dreams' opposite Salman & Salman Khan shattered her dreams of consolidating her position as a bankable actress.

Those close to the actress deny she would have done 'bedroom sequence' on-screen with Salman or any other actor. Reports from Bollywood, however, say that the film has such sequences and also a 'hot' smooch between the lead pair.

We can't pass any judgment before the film releases!


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