Engeyum Kadhal Music Review


Banner: AGS Entertainment

Production: Kalpathi S Aghoram

Direction: Prabhu Deva

Star-casts: Jayam Ravi, AGS Entertainment and others

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

'Engeyum Kadhal' has a bunch of entrancing numbers and Harris Jayaraj seems to have taken more efforts in delivering the best songs.

1.Engeyum Kadhal

Vocals: Aalap Raju, Devan and Ranina Reddy

Lyrics: Thamarai

Thamarai-Harris shares an intrinsic bonding of striking great chords together. The song 'Engeyum Kadhal' is a mesmerizing breezy number. Sounds like Nirav Shah should have pictured the best visuals in the scenic backdrops of Paris for the title song. Aalap Raju takes on the song with the right feel while Devan and Ranina Reddy have played it perfectly. The Live drums on accompaniments are a special and creative effort. Krish is a better option for such number and Harris could have included him.

2.Thee Illai

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Mukesh, Gopal Rao, Mahathi and Ranina Reddy

Lyrics: Vaali

A soft romantic duet too magnetizing with the scales shifting between major and minor scales…. Harris Jayaraj has shown keen interest on the instrumentals of his usual choral styles. The singers have done a splendid job. The violin played during prelude and interlude along with a female' soprano is highlighting.


Vocals: Richard, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen

Lyrics: Vaali

A peppy swing number with three young singers playing on their gimmicks at extremum intonations… The song sound similar to A.R. Rahman's yesteryear number 'Jumbalakka'. Vaali is always bounded to penning enjoyable numbers and has followed the same pattern. The instrumentals are catchier as Harris tries appealing to the masses.


Vocals: Karthik, Prashanthini

Lyrics: Thamarai

Harris Jayaraj has completely lifted the loop of 'Hasili Fisili' from 'Aadhavan'. With the same singer Karthik on the tracks, it's so blatant. Prashanthini is decorous with her vocalisms.

5.Bathing at Cannes

Vocals: Emcee, Kash, Krissy, Ranina Reddy

Lyrics: Emcee

Justly for the sake of adding an international touch, Harris ropes the same singers of 'Endhiran', who created magic with the rap number of 'Boom… Boom Robot Da' and 'Irumbile Oru Idhayam' and the violin-hip hop seem to have been replicated from one of the tracks from Hollywood's banks.

6.Nenjil Nenjil

Vocals: Harish Raghavendra, Chinmayee

Lyrics: Karky

Cherry-pick of this album as it carries dulcetly magnificent tune. Much alike the previous numbers, 'Nenjil Nenjil' boasts of very captivating features and the singers – Harish Raghavendra and Chinmayee have splendidly embellished it. Karky's lyrics are sure to engross the youth groups, especially the romantic buffs.


Vocals: Karthik

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Sure to be anthem of universal listeners. Na. Muthukumar comes up with his own fashionable lyrics while Harris Jayaraj sticks to his usual mantra of striking with guitar music. Some traces of 'Nenjukkul' song of 'AGS Entertainment' during preludes.

'Engeyum Kadhal' is one of the best works of Harris Jayaraj. It's a album to fall in love at first time itself. Doubtlessly, this will throw a huge mania across the towns and will replace 'Endhiran' in charts for now.

Verdict: Excellent show by Harris


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