‘Enthiran’ based on Sujatha’s novel, asserts Shankar

ShankarNoted Authors Amudha Tamilnaadan and Arnica Nasser have filed a complaint with the police against director Shankar and Sun Pictures, the director and producer of the Rajni-starrer ‘Enthiran: The Robot’, claiming that the script of the film was actually theirs and that they weren’t paid any remuneration by the producer or the director of the film.

Replying to the show-cause notice served on him, director Shankar has submitted in writing that the script of ‘Enthiran: The Robot’ was written based solely on the novel titled ‘En Iniya Iyandhiraa’, penned by the late author Sujatha, who had earlier written the dialogues of ‘Sivaj: The Boss’, the first film to have come out under the combination of Rajni and Shankar.

Both Amudha and Arnica have filed separate complaints claiming that the script was ‘theirs’.  Acting on their complaints, the police had sent show-cause notices to Shankar and to Sun Pictures, the producer of the film.

In this backdrop, it would be pertinent to note that only now Shankar had referred to the late Sujatha’s novel as the basis for the story of ‘Enthiran: The Robot’.  The title cards of the film, strangely, credit the story to Shankar’s name and there is no mention of the name of the late author Sujatha!


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