Mandhira Punnagai - Music Review

Directed byKaru Pazhaniappan
Produced byKarthic Nagarajan
Written byKaru Pazhaniappan
StarringKaru Pazhaniappan
Music byVidyasagar

The album starts with 'Satta Sada Sada' rendered by Karthik and Shwetha, a medium-paced melody which starts on a high note; as the song progresses, the pace decreases.

Then comes 'Thanni Poda Vaapa', a typical Tamil 'kuthu' number crooned by Karthik. The lyrics introduces us to various alcohol names! The song is likely to appear when the hero gets drunk and dances in the road.

'Enna Kuraiyo' is a delightful classical number sung perfectly by Sudha Ragunathan. The music director has used lots of classical instruments to make the song mesmerizing.

Just in contrast to the above number comes the jazzy 'Anbu Ellama Aasai Theyil' rendered by Maya and Jassie Gift. Vidyasagar has used many western instruments to make it more peppy, quite different from his usual style.

With 'Megam Vandhu Pogum', Vidyasagar is back to his favourite genre: melody. Madhu Balakrishnan and Anweshaa have crooned this medium-paced song which also has a classical touch. The song narrates the love between the hero and heroine.

'Siththan Mugam Ondru' sung by Kirithi Sahathiya is a fast-paced philosophical number. It also has some heavy instrumentations!

Finally comes the remixed version of 'Thanni Poda Vaapa'. Check out for some heavy Brass bands, trumpets and horns... a different effort from Vidyasagar.


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