Mani Rathnam's scare on 'Horror' subjects

Mani Rathnam Accepts His DrawbackVeteran filmmaker Mani Rathnam is well known for his aesthetic style of narration. He holds special mention for blending the mythological genres with social issues. The filmmaker is now simultaneously working on three scripts amongst which one is the adaptation of novel 'Ponniyin Selvan'.

The filmmaker says that he can handle any subjects with prominence, but is limited to just one genre 'Horror'. Of course, Mani Rathnam has delivered the best works on various genres, but has never experimented on this particular one.

Says Mani Rathnam: 'I accept this fact. In spite of so much of technological advancements, I remain encompassed towards certain motifs. According to me, film has nothing to do with technological aspects. It's about expressing your thoughts and ideas over the screens.'


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