Marudhanayagam to hit screens soon, says Kamal

Kamal Haasan is going to start Marudhanayagam. This was said by Kamal himself in a book exhibition where Kamal gave a speech on the topic Cinemaavum Ilaakiyamum. Here is what the speech given by Kamal, "Kamal Haasan and Literature are two shores and I'm trying to bridge gap between those. But both are hesitating to come together. Also the people in cinema field are also not interested in bringing cinema and literature together. Also literary people feel that this will not come out well. But all that I know is only cinema.

Marudhanayagam to hit screens soon, says Kamal
If everyone feels that my films seem to be different it's all because of literature. But those literatures were not written by me. Those who watch films should also have a habit of reading books and such person is eligible to criticize about films. Both are in different platform and if cinema does not communicate to audience it will remain in mute. More commercial things have been coming up in cinema which is surely a danger path. Hence it is not an easy task to bridge gap between literature and cinema. But I wish both worked together. My Anbe Sivam was a new attempt although it was criticized commercially. But it took some time for me to reap what the film deserves.
When asked about Marudhanayagam he said, since the budget is going high I'm afraid a bit. But the film will definitely hit screens soon.
If Kamal makes Marudhanayagam then it is his answer to Kamal Haasan. Marudhanayagam is one such big budget film which the actor deserves. The film is a much awaited movie for about 15 years by Kamal die-hards.


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