Melody song matter solved in Kaavalan
Kaavalan is a film which has Vijay and Asin the lead roles. This film is the remake of the Malayalam super hit film Body Guard which had Nayanthara and Dhilip in the lead roles. Siddique who directed the Malayalam film is also directing the Tamil version. Vidhyasagar has composed the music for this film.

He has composed a beautiful melody song for this film and Siddique wanted this song before one reel of the climax. But Vijay preferred a Kuthu song than the melody one. But Siddique insisted that the melody song.

But finally the editor sorted out this matter by saying that no song is needed at that point. But the latest news is that Asin and Vijay had danced for a melody song in the hill region of Poona.

But the unit members refused to say where this song will feature in the film. The film is to hit the screens in the month of December.


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