Shankar says that his dream is fulfilled

ShankarShankar says that his long time dream has been fulfilled through the film Endhiran. His lucky No. is 8. So as Deepavali special here are 8 information regarding him.
1. Shankar will not miss one Tamil film. He goes to the theatre to watch all the films. He will not miss the films even if it has new faces.
2. There will story discussion in his office right from morning 10 to night nine.
3. He takes one month to shoot a fight sequence and 20 days to complete a song.
4. Daily he exercises for one hour. He has got a hi-tech gym in his house.
5. He keenly searches for special food in the restaurants and finds them. He then takes his friends to the hotel and enjoys the food.
6. He spends the whole day with his wife and children on the occasion of their birthdays.
7. He came to cinema having K Balachandar as his role model. When K B appreciated Endhiran, Shankar says that this appreciation is equivalent to Oscar Award.
8. He has the habit of calling his friends and his friends he had made during his associate director days and give them a treat.


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