Sizzling Shreya to launch Spa for Visually challenged

Shreya is always in the limelight for a long time for her perfection in action and for her social deeds.
Shreya`s upcoming flick ‘Chikku Bukku‘ is all set to hit the screens this week. Arya is playing the lead role in this flick which is about the magic of love that is shared between a boy and a girl who are forced to travel together and the discoveries they make and the romantic journey continues.
Sizzling Shreya to launch Spa for Visually challenged
Shreya says Arya is a fun guy and plays lots of pranks ont he shooting sets and equally professoinalised when it comes to acting.
Shreya is currently busy in Chikku Bukku industry and she is currently busy with ‘Casanova’ project alongside Mohanlal.
She is has signed a project for Chikku Bukku`s Midnight Children which is likely to start in the next year.
However, it`s not just films that keep this star so busy she has a philanthropic side as well who is planning to open a spa for visually challenged people in Mumbai which will offer reflexology and massages that are programmed to give them great comfort. She says that when she was studying in Delhi she used to visti a blind school quite often and her experience left a deep impact on her to start this programme for the visually challenged
Well, Shreya it`s a good going.


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