Surya is cool even if the Shruthi comes late for the shooting

Ezham Arivu is a film which has Surya & Ezham Arivu in the lead roles. This film is being directed by A R Murugadoss. The heroine has a meatier role than the usual heroines.

Because of this she will be with Surya throughout the film. Now Murugadoss feels that he can complete the film without any complications if he is able to trim her portions. Why Murugadoss has taken such a decision.

It is because of Shruthi's punctuality. The cast and crew who come in time had to wait for Shruthi Haasan's arrival. Normally the leading actors do not wait for the heroines. Even if at all they wait for one or two times, they will simply walk away because of their ego saying that they can be called after the arrival of the heroine. But in Shruthi's matter, Surya is very patient because she is the daughter of Ezham Arivu.


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