‘Uthamaputhiran’ controversy, Dhanush has apologised

In a bid to put an end to the ‘Uthamaputhiran’ controversy, Dhanush has apologised for hurting the sentiments of Goundar community through some scenes in his Deepavali release.
Speaking to reporters in Chennai on Thursday, he said, “All that we wanted to make was an entertainer. Our aim was not to hurt the sentiments of any members of the society. On behalf of the entire cast and crew of Uthamaputhiran, I apologise for any unintentional hurt caused.”
The actor said two dialogues in the film, pertaining to the community, had been muted and some scenes had also been deleted. “The changes have been made in 120 theatres in Tamil Nadu,” he said.
Echoing Dhanush, producer T Ramesh of Balaji Studios and director Mithran R Jawahar too said they respect the feelings of Goundars and the film was aimed at only showing family relationships and values. “The movie is not meant to hurt anyone,” they said.
It may be recalled that a group of people, owing allegiance to a Goundar organisation, protested in front of cinema halls screening ‘Uthamaputhiran’ in Coimbatore on Tuesday. Following this, the government authorities directed theatre owners to stop screening of the film fearing law and order problems.

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Source: Indiaglitz


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