Yuvan's different style of music for ‘Avan Ivan'


Within next few days, it will be the fever of Bala's 'Avan Ivan' across the towns. As admitted by Bala, this will be a different film from his previous ones and it's touted to be a comedy-action. Just like it happened in his yesteryear movies, the film's protagonists will be spotted in different get-ups. Vishal takes on the role of an eunuch, which is expected to be one of the greatest highlights of this film.

Perhaps, another highlight would be Yuvan Shankar Raja's musical score. For the first time, Yuvan will have to keep himself away from his usual style. Says Yuvan: 'Avan Ivan will be totally different from what I’m doing now, no leads no synth at all and no auto tune, pure ethnic sounds n love it!!'

It is worth mentioning that Yuvan's previous work with Bala in 'Nanda' too had a different music.


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