Abirami Ramanathan to produce four to five 'small budget' films

Exhibitors' association chief and film producer Abirami Ramanathan has revealed his plans to produce four to five 'small budget' films in future so that there would be no big losses.
Speaking at the audio launch of the film 'Aasaipadugiren' in Chennai on Monday, the promoter of a popular multiplex cum shopping mall said, "I would like to learn lessons from the producers of Aasaipadugiren."
He added: "With a small buget, they have come out with a good movie. With inputs from them, I would produce films without spending much so that they would fetch me good revenues."
Saying that he would be always there to support such good attempts, Ramanathan said he would help 'small films' get theatres as it has of late become tough for lesser known producers to get cinema halls to screen their movies.

Source: Indiaglitz


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